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Students Notices

1. 24/11/2023Datesheet (Re-Tests) of MSTs and Snap Tests Nov/Dec 2023
2. 15/11/2023Notice regarding name struck off
3. 12/10/2023Revised Datesheet of MSTs of MA Semester-III October 2023
4. 12/10/2023Revised Datesheet of MSTs of MA Semester-I October 2023
5. 09/06/2023Internship Notice for Punjab State Information Commission
6. 02/06/2023Internship Notice for IIPA, New Delhi
7. 01/05/2023Date-sheet of MSTs & Snap Tests (Retest) May 2023
8. 07/03/2023Datesheet of MSTs March-2023 of MA Semester-IV (2022-23)
9. 07/03/2023Datesheet of MSTs March-2023 of MA Semester-II (2022-23)
10. 01/03/2023Rules regarding Medical Leave
11. 05/12/2022Date-sheet (Retest) of MSTs and Snap Tests of MA Semester-I (2022-23)
12. 01/12/2022Allocation of Hostel Seat for MA 1st Year Girls' Students (2022-23) under EWS Category
13. 29/11/2022Financial Assistance for SC/ST students (2022-23)
14. 25/11/2022Punjab Good Governance Fellowship Programme (PGGFP)
15. 24/11/2022Datesheet of MSTs (Re-Test) of MA Semester-III, November 2022
16. 16/11/2022Revised Datesheet of MSTs (MA Semester-I) November 2022
17. 06/11/2022Datesheet of MSTs (MA Semester-III) November 2022
18. 11/10/2022Nominations are invited for DRs and Office Beards for PUCSC Elections 2022
19. 11/10/2022PUCSC Election Notices 2022
20. 16/09/2022MA Semester-III Hostel Merit
21. 12/09/2022Requirement of Residence and Income Proof under Post Matric Scholarship Schemes during the session 2022-23
22. 12/09/2022Award of “Post Matric Scholarship to SC, OBC, Economically Backward Class and Transgender” for the year 2022-23
23. 12/09/2022Award of “Pre Matric, Post Matric and Merit-cum-Means Scholarship to Minority Students” for the year 2022-23
24. 12/09/2022Award of “Pre Matric, Post Matric and Top Class Education Scholarship for Students with Disabilities” for the year 2022-23
25. 29/07/2022Date of M.Phil/Pre-Ph.D Course Work Semester-I Examinations
26. 23/06/2022Datesheet for Re-Test of MSTs of MA Semester-IV
27. 23/06/2022Datesheet for Re-Test of MSTs of MA Semester-II
28. 17/06/2022Notice regarding extra classes
29. 29/04/2022Notice regarding Examination Forms for June 2022 Examinations
30. 22/04/2022Enrolment in Cyber Swachhta YUVA Club
31. 18/04/2022Hostel Merit List M.Phil Semester-I 2021-22
32. 13/04/2022Revised Date sheet of MSTs of MA Sem-IV (May 2022)
33. 13/04/2022Revised Date sheet of MSTs of MA Sem-II (May 2022)
34. 29/03/2022Rules for Condonation of Shortage of Lectures along with Medical Certificate Proforma
35. 05/03/2022Notice regarding 75% attendance
36. 03/03/2022Notice regarding Hostel Accommodation
37. 02/03/2022Revised Hostel Merit List MA Semester-II
38. 02/03/2022Revised Hostel Merit List MA Semester-IV
39. 12/02/2022Participation in Modern United Nations
40. 14/01/2022Date-Sheet (Retest) MSTs MA Semester-I Jan-2022
41. 14/01/2022Date-Sheet (Retest) MSTs MA Semester-III Jan-2022
42. 10/12/2021Fee Notice Second Installment (2021-22)
43. 23/11/2021Date-sheet of MSTs of MA Semester-I
44. 13/10/2021Date-sheet for MSTs of MA Semester-III (2021-22)
45. 20/08/2021Date-sheet for Pre-Ph.D. Course Work for Afghan Nationals
46. 08/07/2021Instructions for Examinations June-2021
47. 01/07/2021Date-Sheet of MSTs (Re-Test) MA Semester-IV
48. 01/07/2021Date-Sheet of MSTs (Re-Test) MA Semester-II
49. 12/06/2021Date-sheet M.Phil/Pre-Ph.D Course Work Semester-I 2020-21
50. 11/05/2021Date-Sheet of MSTs MA Semester-IV (May 2021)
51. 11/05/2021Date-Sheet of MSTs MA Semester-II (May 2021)
52. 08/03/2021March-2021 Examinations Instructions for MA Sem-I
53. 15/02/2021Feb-March 2021 Examinations Instructions
54. 28/01/2021Date Sheet of MSTs MA Semester-I (February-2021)
55. 07/01/2021Brief Synopsis of Dissertation by MA Semester-III students
56. 30/12/2020Notice regarding Migration Certificate and Migration Fee
57. 28/12/2020Administrative Science Society Fee Notice
58. 23/10/2020Seminar Presentation of Pre-Ph.D Course Work Semester-II (2019-20)
59. 23/10/2020Synopsis Presentation of M.Phil Semester-II (2019-20) Students
60. 23/10/2020M.Phil Semester-II (2019-20) Date-sheet
61. 20/10/2020Revised Date-Sheet of MSTs October 2020
62. 18/09/2020List of Students of MA Sem-IV with Optional Subjects
63. 16/09/2020Information regarding Submission of Answer Sheets
64. 16/09/2020Latest Information regarding attempting of questions for UG/PG classes
65. 11/09/2020Final List of optional subject of MA Semester-III students
66. 09/09/2020List of students who have been issued books from Departmental Library
67. 09/09/2020List of students who have Dues from AC Joshi Library
68. 17/08/2020Admission Fee Notice for MA Sem-III students 2020-21
69. 04/08/2020List of students with optional subjects
70. 11/02/2020PUPIN Cards 2019-20
71. 22/11/2019Date-Sheet of Retest of Mid Semester & Snap Test
72. 10/10/2019Date-sheet Mid Semester Exam. (MA Sem-III) Oct, 2019
73. 10/10/2019Date-sheet Mid Semester Exam. (MA Sem-I) Oct, 2019
74. 19/08/2019Registration for Campus Sports for Inter College Competitions
75. 13/08/2019Notice regarding List of students of MA Semester-I who have less than 33% Lectures in first 10 working days
76. 03/07/2018Gandhi Fellowship Recruitment (2018-20)
77. 27/04/2018Date-Sheet of Mid Semester (Re-Test) May, 2018
78. 30/05/2017Synopses Presentation by M.Phil. students (2016-17 batch)

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